Trials and Tribs of Show Day!

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Experience

Getting show ready! 6am

Well yesterday “Show” day finally came. I woke at 6 am to start getting ready for a 9am athlete brief. I wanted to make sure that I had a good breakfast and most of my make-up was done before I left since I know the venue is small and prep space is scarce.

I was excited and extremely nervous the entire way to the show…by the way is an hour and half drive. Once there I set up my little spot

Athlete Check-in and Tanning

in the dressing room and I’m off to meet some of the new friends I made at check-in the night before. I got to actually meet @BikiniStaci

(she’s from Montana) and we have been commiserating via Twitter for the last 5 months. So it was great to put a face with name, and she is so stinkin’ cute. Then there was @LanelleP (she’s from Miami/Bahamas) another face with a name…we shared a dressing area and just had a great time. I am totally looking forward to doing a show with her on the East Coast sometime this year. There were several other Twitter girls who I got to meet and know so that little family just gets better all the time. Not to mention all the cheering support from @BikiniorBust, @Fit_Michelle, @babytatten, @lilfitprincess, @survifam (she showed up to watch and cheer us on! get to feel the love), and so many others I am totally forgetting. Thank you!

Master's Line-up

I did 2 classes yesterday, Figure Master 35A and Figure Open B. We started at 11 am with Masters. In my 1st class there were 7 ladies. We all line up and do our thing…oh this was so nerve racking, but everyone says I smiled the entire time so that was my first hurdle. As I was standing up with all the other girls the only thing I noticed was that I am small. I may be cut but not alot of muscle size. *This is just my first impression* Then on the Open B which is all girls 5″1′ – 5″2.5″ (oh yeah…I officially measured in at 5″2’…woot woot!)

I did not make 1st call out for Masters or Open which was disappointing but I got up there and completed the first leg of the journey. Lance Armstrong did not win every leg of the Tour De France but still took the title more than any other rider. So with this thought and my favorite quote “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” Onward and upward I go!

Back Stage all dolled up!

I must take time moment to thank those that were there to support me today, because I know how long today is going to be and both my husband and son got up with me and stuck it out all day…mostly by themselves. One of the best parts of the morning was hearing my son

scream and cheer from the audience. I could not see or hear anything else except him and all I could do was smile. When I finished to hear him say how AWESOME I was…and truly believe it means I won no matter the outcome. That moment is something no one will ever be able to take away! I love you Calvin!

I also have to thank my trainer, Chris…but he deserves a whole blog posting to himself…come next week.

After the morning show, we took off for Yummy Bakery in Santa Monica and cupcakes were our mission! We picked up 4 huge cupcakes…2 buttered popcorn and 2 yummy fudgie, it took all my willpower not to eat them on the way back to the night show. Once we got back to the venue I just took some me time, putts with my phone, got to know some of the other girls…just relaxed. I figured the night show was suppose to be fun and that’s what I was going to have. Now the waiting…because we go on last so that means it will be 10:30 before Figure even starts. that is allot of time to waste.

Same drill as this morning, we get to do all our poses, then comparisons and top 5 are called. Well I knew in advance that I was here so no worries, next time! I did learn allot about stage presence and also maybe it was more an issue of posing than size…we will see when I get comments back from the judges. This will help with the next phase of training. If it is posing/presentation I need work on, well then another show is in order sooner…if it is size, I will take some time and build and do another show in the fall. So it looks like I have a game plan.

After the show ended it was right to the car for a post celebration tailgate style of beer and cupcakes! Yes I said Beer and cupcakes together and it was delightful! I could not think of a better way to end the day!

See I told everyone...cupcakes and beer, we haven't even left the parking lot!


Follow up…Protein Brownie

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Diet/Food

I was one of those people that hated protein shakes. I could never find one that mixed well or didn’t have that funny taste. But once I started training for this figure competition and I had to watch all my macro nutrition that meant finding a protein source that was quick and easy with out a lot of sugar and carbs. I tried lots and I am going to share what I loved and hated and what was okay in a pinch.

Five Stars

I have to start with what was my first love. BSN Lean Dessert Protein…as the name describes it has less calories, 21g protein per scoop, only 2g of sugar, and they have the best flavors EVER! My favorite being Chocolate Coconut. It mixed completely without those little chunks (that is a huge Not again for Liz). It wasn’t too thick and you only had to mix 4-6oz of water. Some of their other flavor are Whipped Vanilla, Cinnamon Roll, Banana Nut, and Chocolate Fudge all tasting great!

Check BSN out here:


Two Stars

Next I tried Syntrax Nectar – Pink Grapefruit Whey Protein. Now I love just about all citrus especially grapefruit, but now that I think about this…it’s just wrong. It was low in Calories, 23g of protein per scoop, and no sugars. I did find it hard to mix, I had to shake, and shake, and shake…and there were still those little chunks. Yuck! When it did get mixed it had a very thin consistency, which I actually liked. Now the taste…well it tasted/smelled like dairy and grapefruit not good. Every time I drank it I thought of spoiled milk. So this is my least favorite, and I still have a huge container of it.


Five Stars

The next mix that I tried was PowerBar ProteinPlus. This is a triple source protein, whey, soy and casein. 130 calories, 5g sugar, 20g protein per scoop. I found this mixed extremely easy, had a great consistency (not too thick) and the taste was great! There are no special flavors here, just chocolate and vanilla, that being said I have not wanted for anything else. This protein did not upset my stomach and keep me full. This was a big plus as the restricted diet had me waking up hungry enough to eat my little dog. I think the slower digesting casein proteins helped with the hunger. So this has now moved to the top of my list. I also use this for all my new protein brownie concoctions. Yum!

Pretty good in pinch!

Check out PowerBar here:

I have also tried some of the liquid proteins. IDS New Whey liquid protein in Blue Raspberry. I am a sucker for new, cool looking things in the nutrition store. I use to be enamored by pretty colored and shaped bottles in the liquor store…now I have just transferred that to the nutrition store. This New Whey Protein looks like shooter tubes you get from the bar, so I had to try. Flavor was not bad, just a little

strong…like the syrup from a snow-cone.  It also was a little thicker, like cough syrup. But it was less than 3 oz and packed 42 g of protein into that small tube. Great after a heavy workout.


All of these protein sources are great and I definitely had my favorites, but I still prefer to get my protein from a food source. So I will not be giving up many meals in place of these protein supplements but there are a couple that will stick around to fill any voids.

Well I am 18 days out from competition and my diet is stricter than ever before. But there are some things that even after contest prep that will remain daily staples. Most of these foods I would never have eatten if I had not been preping for this contest.

Chicken: Well chicken is the stable meat source of my diet, I consume between 3-4 oz – 2 to 3 times a day…every single day. But surprisingly I have not gotten sick of it, still my go to meat. I’m happy about this as long as I participate in this sport it will be a staple so might as well love it.

This is my favorite!

Greek yogurt: Oh this stuff is heaven…now anyone in my house would be like what? you don’t eat yogurt. Well I did not eat yogurt, much less the plain tart yogurt but I have acquired a taste and love for this stuff. I have tried it all different ways, the fruit mixed in, plain, but my favorite is Fage‘s fruit on the side. I found I just need a little taste with my yogurt. Oh raw honey is also amazing…so this will for sure be on my daily must haves after contest prep.

Stir fry: This has become my favorite meal, I eat about every other night. Trader Joe’s has a bag of pre-cut up veggies. Bok Coy, celery, snap peas, broccoli. It has very little carbs, lots of fiber and I can eat lots guilt free. I add a tiny bit of oil, fry the veggies, add my pre-cooked chicken and health stir fry, quick and easy. This will be staying for sure!

So here is what my diet looks like:

Meal 1:

1 cup of eggs whites, 1 egg, 60g of lean turkey sausage – on heavy lift days 1/4 cup of oats.

Meal 2:

3.5 oz chicken & 1 cup of broccoli or green beans

Meal 3:

1 container of Fage Yogurt

Meal 4:

3.5 oz chicken, 1/4c of red bell pepper, 3-4 cup of salad greens (normally spring greens), 1T of soy ginger dressing

Meal 5:

3-4 oz of lean meat (chicken or steak), 3 cups of spinach. (I like sauteed in small amount of oil with garlic)

Meal 6:

Well they don't look like this but when you can't have anything it's the best!

PowerBarPlus Chocolate Shake with 1/4 cup oats…well since last night it will be a protein brownie.

Protein Brownie: blend dry oats till fine powder (food processor my work better) add 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, mix just enough water to create a brownie like batter. Put batter in ceramic ramekin and microwave for 2 mins. This was heavenly! and not even close to being a cheat!

Last cheat meal for 5+ weeks…sad

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Diet/Food

Contest prep has been plugging along. Cardio, sometime twice a day. Heavy workouts. And the dreaded diet. I have been eating clean (mostly) for the last 7 months but the last couple of week has been a much stricter diet. Reduced calories, reduced carbs leaving me…we somewhat crabby. It has also left me craving foods I would not normally seek; such as french fries (well anything fried), cookies (Chips Ohoy, with a big glass of milk), Coldstone ice cream, just to name a few.

I have allowed myself one cheat meal about once a week. Normally my cheat would be a clean meal with maybe a little extra rice or potato and 1 glass of wine. This normally helps to keep the diet monster at bay knowing that I only had to make it another 6 days before I could have another treat. But…

Saturday  was the 6 week mark and I still have a little ways to go; when I put that bedazzled bikini on I want to look my best and know I put 100% into it. So Saturday was my last cheat meal…that means over 5 weeks of restricted diet, low carbs and NO alcohol. Well needless to say I went a little crazy. So I guess this is a little like confession

We had dinner at Mucho’s in Manhattan Beach, where I had chips and salsa and a margarita to start. So you say “That’s no so bad”. You missed to key word “to start”. Then I ordered Mexican short ribs, slow cooked in a rich red mole sauce, with honey glazed carrots and jalapeno al gratin potatoes. Nothing clean about this meal. Oh and if that wasn’t bad enough, after dinner we walked across the street to Cupcake Couture and got 4 different flavored cupcakes.

Lemon Cupcake

Oh cupcakes are my weakness. We got Lemon, which had lemon curd filling, Chocolate Mint, chocolate cupcake with this york peppermint patty filling, A “Glitz and Glamor” which was French Vanilla butter-cream frosting and white chocolate shaving on top, and lastly Double Chocolate Fudge…no explanation needed.

Now I didn’t eat all the cupcakes myself, I cut them in 4’s and had 1/4 of each. I have some self control.

After this huge meal, I sat on the sofa feeling very sick and ashamed that I had indulged in such a way. I think back and it didn’t even taste all that great…well the cupcakes were pretty Yummy, but I think a little would have gone a long way. I also would not have felt as guilty. I did feel guilty so much so that I decided to atone for these sins with an extra half hour of cardio on Sunday.

Stairmill, my BFF

I know that the next 5+ weeks are going to be tough but I can visualize myself on stage in that bedazzled bikini and know that I did

everything I could to get there and that I look better than I have ever looked. So this small sacrifice, the food that I “think” I want to eat is going to be a snap. I just have to keep telling myself that and visualizing the goal. I can also count on a great support system to keep me on track. I would not be where I am today without all of them.

So here’s to the next 5 weeks…cheat free.

This entry is being completed while I spin away on the bike, got an hour ahead of me so should put it to good use.

So I am about 7 weeks out from competition. You would think I would be scared,but no just getting really excited. I know I still have a long way to go, but I have come so far. I have been working at this pretty much non-stop since August. I am down about 10% body fat and about 10 lbs…I have added some muscle mass and on my way to some great definition.

Look where I am January 22, 2010

It has been a long road and there have been many days where I have wanted to just give up. But anyone that knows me knows that is not an option.
For example 2 years ago I said I was going to run the LA marathon, I trained…but not like a marathon runner. The most miles I logged in 1 run was just over 15. Not really realizing a marathon is another 11. So I started the race and finished in just over 5 hours. My mantra throughout the race was “if you think this pain is bad the pain of quitting last forever”. I believe this so much it is what will be my next tattoo. I am not a quitter, I will finish strong.

I finished, with a smile on my face...5 hours

I must say that I have encountered some of the best people during this journey. All of the Bikini or Bust gals but especially Donloree (@bikiniorbust) and Michelle (@fit_michelle), these 2 ladies get me through the rough patch…which some days is just getting out of bed. Then the whole Twitter community…always offer advice, encouragement and sometimes just pure entertainment. I know this is an individual sport but I sure feel more of a team than I ever have…so thank you all!

So the Holidays are finally over and I am so glad. I use to be so excited about the holidays when I was younger, but now it just seems to be an over commercialized stress factory. I definitely don’t need any extra stress. Remember I have a competition coming up and the training and diet is enough stress, not to mention my other daily duties.
It was nice to be building muscle over the holiday, so that meant more calories going in…I limited the sugar and fat but still enjoyed my share of rich higher carb foods. I am not really a sweet girl anyway so I didn’t feel like I missed much.

Please don't eat me! I'm so carb heavy foods.

Now I am 9 weeks out…besides being totally shared to death, I am on strict diet, along with heavy lifting and cardio 6 days a week. Last week being the first week of the much stricter diet, way less carbs, more protein, and a small amount of fat.Needless to say it was tough and I was HUNGRY!

It was a tough couple of days; due to the lack of carbs I had terrible headaches, much like being deprived of coffee, but I pushed through and Thursday they (the headaches) were gone and I was almost back to normal. The only problem I have been having now is waking at around 3 am so hungry I’m ready to eat Bubbles (my 4lb little dog). I really don’t think she would appreciate that…

This is an issue I am going to have to figure out. I am trying to be so good with my diet and carb intake…only veggie carbs after 3pm. So the trial and error process starts. I did try drinking a diet soda before bed…it definitely helped, I made it to 6 am, but I don’t think that is the answer.I’m thinking that maybe a protein shake before bed will be a better choice, only time will tell. Hopefully my next post will not be a memorial to Bubbles and this issue has been resolved.