“Dreaded 5”

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Experience, Training

So it’s theme night in Blog Land and several of my Fabulous Fitness Friends are blogging about their top 5 exercises they love to hate I am going to join in but mine are true hates, and they must be done anyway. I am hoping that once we are all linked together that we will be able to spot a pattern to our love-hate.

For me, I hate legs! Wait I take that back…I love squats and those work the legs but most of the excercises on my “Dreaded 5″ list come from this muscle group. I actually read a post today stating that if there is an exercise we don’t like it is probably because we are weak at it and should do it more often. Well that is my plan. I need to grow me some Quads and Glutes so the “Dreaded 5” are gonna need to become loves.

Let’s get started: (In order least favorite on top)

  1. Leg Press – Oh why do I hate you so, everyone else loves you and puts up such big numbers, but me I start to feel sick just thinking about having to set on that red seat.
  2. Walking Lunges – I think this one just comes down to coordination. I know you are all thinking, it’s just walking across the floor, it takes me about three quarters of the way to get in a rhythm then it’s time to turn around. At least the return trip I’m a much quicker study I only look like I’m gonna fall over a quarter of the way.
  3. Leg Extensions – This is the only exercise where I feel a real burn. Oh yea, see I don’t get that burn that “normal” people get when they lift. My muscles just stop or go to failure with no pain. These leg extensions cause pain, and I don’t like it!
  4. Seated Calf Raises – I don’t mind calf raises on the leg press, standing with dumbbells, but I get on that seat calf raise machine and get about 4 banged out and BAM…the worse cramp ever…ever single time. So I hate it!
  5. Crunches – I don’t do a lot of ab work…that will be changing with the new plan, but I do hate crunches. I think I just hate what they stand for…or that everyone thinks if you do crunches you will have abs…wrong. So I just don’t like to play. I can have abs without them. Okay maybe need to change that attitude, but it is #5.

Well you have seen my list, now check out my Fabulous Fitness Peeps  Alli, Kari, Tiffany, Dawn, Donloree, Jennifer, and Colleen and see if there is a pattern of their hate to love exercises!


  1. Colleen says:

    I am with you on the legs!!!!!

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  3. Dawn says:

    You are breaking my heart! You mean I really do have to do ab work and can’t just dream them to be perfect 😦 I have been doing it wrong all along!

    Ab and leg days are my struggles…has to be done though.

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  5. Lisa says:

    Yea, I agree on the walking lunges!! =)

  6. Lindsey says:

    I like the idea that the exercises that we dread have to do with the weaker part of our bodies! I agree with that. I hate working my upper body! I would much rather work my legs becaue I know that they are strong. Arm day, does NOT excite me! At the moment I couldn’t do a pull up to save my life! lol I’m gonna have to work on that!

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