A Week of Indulgence!

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Diet/Food, Experience

So it has been a week since my first show and the things I experienced after have been just as valuable if not more so than my entire contest prep.

First, I was so sleep deprived and physically/mentally run down that I literally slept for three days. I got up Sunday morning had breakfast and went back to bed for 5 more hours, got up ate, then back to bed for the night. I think my total time awake was 5 hours. Then on Monday it was like a repeat of Sunday…I got up to eat and back to bed. Tuesday was much better, I only required one  2 hour nap. Wednesday came and I was finally feeling normal…YEA!

Now on to the INDULGENCE!

When I started Contest Prep I was not really concerned with the diet. I eat pretty clean most of the time and I am not a big sweets fan. But when you are told there are things that you can not have, well for some reason the body decides that is what you want most. For me, anyone that knows me or has been following on Twitter, knows about 3 weeks from the finish-line I became obsessed with “Cupcakes and Beer”. When I say obsessed, I mean it, I dreamed about them, talked about them, and even visited the website for the bakery (YummyCupcakes.com) often. So the time finally came to eat the cupcakes and beer, and I was not disappointed. It was truly awesome and even better did not create havoc on my stomach. What it did do was open the floodgates, as you will see from the bounty of sugary, carb heavy foods I have been consuming for the last week.

See I told everyone...cupcakes and beer, we haven't even left the parking lot!



Breakfast – Pancakes with bacon and real maple syrup, milk and juice

Lunch – Cupcake and beer

Dinner – Pasta with red sauce and sausage, garlic bread, and wine


Breakfast – Back to my egg whites and turkey sausage, but 2 pieces of toast with butter and honey

Lunch – Cupcake and beer – Now all the cupcakes are gone 😦

Dinner – Pizza and beer

So you can see the pattern building here. I will not list out each and every day but just highlight the best foods, and there were many.

  • Homemade Buffalo Chili with beer bread
  • Pizza and beer again
  • Homemade Mac and Cheese with Kielbasa Sausage and wine
  • Roasted Chicken and Oven Fries…this is borderline, but add wine and it’s over the top
  • Chocolate Chip cookies every night…who ever invented the pre-made cookies is Evil, pure Evil.

    Roasted Chicken and Potatoes!

There were other things eaten throughout the day that could be added but that would do no good. I’m sure you are getting a great visual already.

Now I feel I have gotten that out of my system, it is time to go back to clean eating and scheduled eating. I don’t want to lose all the momentum from contest prep. Looking to stay lean and build a little more muscle with my sights set on another show the end of July.


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