Protein, protein, protein…what I’ve tried

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was one of those people that hated protein shakes. I could never find one that mixed well or didn’t have that funny taste. But once I started training for this figure competition and I had to watch all my macro nutrition that meant finding a protein source that was quick and easy with out a lot of sugar and carbs. I tried lots and I am going to share what I loved and hated and what was okay in a pinch.

Five Stars

I have to start with what was my first love. BSN Lean Dessert Protein…as the name describes it has less calories, 21g protein per scoop, only 2g of sugar, and they have the best flavors EVER! My favorite being Chocolate Coconut. It mixed completely without those little chunks (that is a huge Not again for Liz). It wasn’t too thick and you only had to mix 4-6oz of water. Some of their other flavor are Whipped Vanilla, Cinnamon Roll, Banana Nut, and Chocolate Fudge all tasting great!

Check BSN out here:


Two Stars

Next I tried Syntrax Nectar – Pink Grapefruit Whey Protein. Now I love just about all citrus especially grapefruit, but now that I think about this…it’s just wrong. It was low in Calories, 23g of protein per scoop, and no sugars. I did find it hard to mix, I had to shake, and shake, and shake…and there were still those little chunks. Yuck! When it did get mixed it had a very thin consistency, which I actually liked. Now the taste…well it tasted/smelled like dairy and grapefruit not good. Every time I drank it I thought of spoiled milk. So this is my least favorite, and I still have a huge container of it.


Five Stars

The next mix that I tried was PowerBar ProteinPlus. This is a triple source protein, whey, soy and casein. 130 calories, 5g sugar, 20g protein per scoop. I found this mixed extremely easy, had a great consistency (not too thick) and the taste was great! There are no special flavors here, just chocolate and vanilla, that being said I have not wanted for anything else. This protein did not upset my stomach and keep me full. This was a big plus as the restricted diet had me waking up hungry enough to eat my little dog. I think the slower digesting casein proteins helped with the hunger. So this has now moved to the top of my list. I also use this for all my new protein brownie concoctions. Yum!

Pretty good in pinch!

Check out PowerBar here:

I have also tried some of the liquid proteins. IDS New Whey liquid protein in Blue Raspberry. I am a sucker for new, cool looking things in the nutrition store. I use to be enamored by pretty colored and shaped bottles in the liquor store…now I have just transferred that to the nutrition store. This New Whey Protein looks like shooter tubes you get from the bar, so I had to try. Flavor was not bad, just a little

strong…like the syrup from a snow-cone.  It also was a little thicker, like cough syrup. But it was less than 3 oz and packed 42 g of protein into that small tube. Great after a heavy workout.


All of these protein sources are great and I definitely had my favorites, but I still prefer to get my protein from a food source. So I will not be giving up many meals in place of these protein supplements but there are a couple that will stick around to fill any voids.

  1. Mom says:

    So what is the purpose of the protein mixes if you are just an ordinary me?
    Are they GF?

  2. Donloree says:

    I haven’t tried the dessert protein, but I am going to now! Mmm! I like the Dynamitize ISO 100, but I need to try a Casein protein. I am now gong to try both of your recommendations! Thanks lady!

  3. I must try that Dessert Protein when Im off season … unfortunately 8g of carbs is too high for me I dont have your amazing metabolism 🙂 xx

  4. Christina says:

    One of my ultimate favorite protein powders is from Beverly International. Their Ultimate Muscle Protein is amazing – especially the chocolate flavor. If you add just enough water, it turns into a pudding like consistency that is reminiscent of brownie batter!

    This stuff is super good and totally satisfies my sweet tooth. Filling, too. You can find it more cheaply at places like or – I have a tub of this stuff in my apartment all the time. Highly recommend!

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