It’s been a while…time to put everything back on record

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Diet/Food

So the Holidays are finally over and I am so glad. I use to be so excited about the holidays when I was younger, but now it just seems to be an over commercialized stress factory. I definitely don’t need any extra stress. Remember I have a competition coming up and the training and diet is enough stress, not to mention my other daily duties.
It was nice to be building muscle over the holiday, so that meant more calories going in…I limited the sugar and fat but still enjoyed my share of rich higher carb foods. I am not really a sweet girl anyway so I didn’t feel like I missed much.

Please don't eat me! I'm so carb heavy foods.

Now I am 9 weeks out…besides being totally shared to death, I am on strict diet, along with heavy lifting and cardio 6 days a week. Last week being the first week of the much stricter diet, way less carbs, more protein, and a small amount of fat.Needless to say it was tough and I was HUNGRY!

It was a tough couple of days; due to the lack of carbs I had terrible headaches, much like being deprived of coffee, but I pushed through and Thursday they (the headaches) were gone and I was almost back to normal. The only problem I have been having now is waking at around 3 am so hungry I’m ready to eat Bubbles (my 4lb little dog). I really don’t think she would appreciate that…

This is an issue I am going to have to figure out. I am trying to be so good with my diet and carb intake…only veggie carbs after 3pm. So the trial and error process starts. I did try drinking a diet soda before bed…it definitely helped, I made it to 6 am, but I don’t think that is the answer.I’m thinking that maybe a protein shake before bed will be a better choice, only time will tell. Hopefully my next post will not be a memorial to Bubbles and this issue has been resolved.

  1. Lisa says:

    YES! Protein shake before bed! I’ve been told that lots of times! Your body will adjust but the cutting phase is always the hardest. Poor Bubbles, I should warn him. =)

  2. bikiniorbust says:

    Put Bubbles down and grab a protein shake – STAT! It will totally help and keep your body from eating your muscles up for energy as you’re already fabulously lean! 🙂

    Do I need to send protective services over to save Bubbles? Hah!

  3. Please don’t eat your dog! He looks kinda cute. I agree, protein shake before bed sounds like a good idea. Way to muscle through the tough first stage.

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