Training over Thanksgiving

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Training

I got off to a great start for Thanksgiving week. Monday I did 45 mins of cardio with my BFF (the stairmill). Then I ran some errands then proceeded back to the gym to train with Chris for a couple hours. Monday was “back” day. One of my favorites. I think because I can lift pretty heavy and it really gets the blood pumping. I also knew I had a “Super Sonic” week ahead. There would be lots of temptations and I wanted to keep them to a minimum.

Tues morning I got up early with another date with my BFF (the stairmill). Then went directly to LAX…next stop Minneapolis. I was hoping to get in an hour of training before bed, but family had other plans…so this is how the week was going to go…not as planned. I am glad I got up and got some cardio in before I left LA. I also packed all my food, so no reason to cheat today.

Wed morning: I had a leisurely breakfast of oats and egg whites with the fam before heading to the gym. My husband set me up with a trainer he knows in Minneapolis, Doug. Doug trains several of the professional athletes in Minneapolis and his training style is very different than I was use to…but change is good right? I wish that I could remember all the technical terms Doug used, because I would sound very smart…but for the most part I just nodded my head and did what he said. My first thought when he said we are not going to be using any real weights was “Great, I’m going to have to workout again today, I need to be lifting.”

We started out pretty simple with lunges with knee pulses, while doing overhead presses on the PowerPlate. We would do this for 90 secs each leg. No worries, how hard can this be, I squat and do split lunges with at least 95lbs. We did this for 2 x per leg. Wow what a burn. Now it was off to do some “dance” moves. I am the least coordinated person on this planet and here I was suppose to be moving gracefully with a 18lb vibram bar over my head and pulling it into my side…lets just say easier said than done.

Anyway, long story short…Doug had me doing all of these crazy moves at a true cardio pace, with little rest in between. He figures we burned about 1000 calories in our session, not to mention the 60 mins with my BFF before we started. Grand total for the day was 1500 not to shabby.

The very last trick Doug had me do was the true killer. Check out the video. I have never felt so nausea after a workout, I truly thought I was going to throw-up on our way out of the gym.

I may have to come back the last 2 weeks of contest prep, this workout will totally lean you out in a hurry. I will have to see if I can swing that.

Thursday: Thanksgiving, well it was time to cook. I was hoping that I could get some cardio in before most of the family arrived, but Mother Nature had a different plan…the temperature was 3 degrees Fahrenheit, too cold for a run, i will just have to make the 1500 calories burned yesterday last.

Friday: Same as the last, totally in need of a workout. Even if I didn’t over eat, this body needs to keep moving. I felt like the Minnesota cold was forcing me into hibernation mode, now I know it’s time to go home.

Sat: Early morning flight out, I will be home with plenty of time to lift and do cardio. While I am going to miss hanging with family it will be great to get back on schedule. I still ended up logging more cardio time this week and my cheat was not that grand. So all things considered I consider that a win.


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