As if there aren’t enough challenges…

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Diet/Food

I knew once I made the decision to compete in a figure competition it would not be easy. It would be a compete lifestyle change.  There are the workouts, both cardio and heavy lifting and the dreaded diet. I didn’t have a terrible diet when I started but I have a very busy life, working full-time, being a wife and mom so sometimes convenience out weights good choices. It also doesn’t help that I live in a house with 2 boys that have the metabolism of a teenage boy (one is a teenage boy). This makes clean eating a difficult task, especially when “they” consume convenient and comfort foods multiple times a day. Thank goodness I have strong willpower, but I am not strong enough to resist all their food temptations (chocolate chip cookie dough).

So I started slow at converting the house to clean eating and removing 90% of the junk food. Now we are 6 days of cleaning eating and 1 cheat day.  All our dinners consist of a lean meat and at least 1 vegetable with rice or sweet potatoes, no more packaged foods or fast food on our way home; of course I left some of the junk food as there only needs to be one crabby person in the house due to diet constraints. But not chocolate chip cookie dough!

I shop on Sunday, only buying what is needed for the week (I hate to throw food away). Sunday evening is the time when most of the cooking for the week is done. I cook, weigh, vacuum seal, and label  everyone’s lunches and dinners…this is a time consuming task but it saves time during the busy week and keeps us out of the drive-thru. Everyone has adjusted well and even helps keep me on track.

  1. Kara says:

    so are you using anyone for your training, or diet? How do you do this? Tell us what your day consists of. Can’t wait to follow along. I am hoping to compete late summer 2011, so I need any/all advice and tips I can get. THANKS

    • 4amaven says:

      Hi Kara,
      I have a trainer who sets up all my workouts and I train with him 3 days a week. He is awesome. My diet is a work in progress…he definitely has a different tactic then some of the others I have seen, but I am getting bigger faster so I am going with it. This is a challenge for me to put everything out there for all to see, but I excel with accountability so here we go.

  2. michelle says:

    You’re doing great!! Keep it up! !:)

  3. Great to find your blog. I have just accidently on purpose joined the Bikini or Bust challenge, and I’m not quite sure what this journey will entail. But right now I”m feeling excited and focused. I’m looking forward sharing ideas and tactics with others in the challenge. Especially ideas on clean eating. For me, too, it’s better just not to have junk anywhere in sight. Keep up the great work.

    • Faith Keith says:

      I’m the same way – keep the junk food out of my way! I have stronger will-power than most, but I AM human! Eek! You’re doing great! so awesome to have your family rockin this alongside you. It’s tough when you’re surrounded by a house full of people eating wahtever they want (and whatever YOU want) 😛

      PS. I’m a shorty too 🙂 5’1.5″ Skinny-fats unite!

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