So it begins…

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have been interested in the world of bodybuilding since just after high school. Back then Corey Everson was queen (wow…I think I just dated myself). Beautiful, muscular, and still very feminine…she was my idol. I even bought one of her workout books, and I still have it after all this time.

I started working towards this goal, but life happens and it just seemed to slip away and no longer be of importance.

So some 15 years later…that brings us close to today, I did a little soul searching to decide what am I going to do for ME and I decided to focus on something I let slip away. I am going to compete in

a figure competition. Actually, I have to give credit here to my trainer. Chris told me we have to train for something, otherwise without a concrete goal the training is just going through the motions with no way to measure our progress. So a Figure Competition it is, now we have a concrete goal, and a date. Let the training begin.

Most people have no idea what a figure competition is, and when they find out they just look at me a little strange. Most people only see a  very small girl, only 5″1′ on a good day with a small (skinny fat) body. I think my close friends and family think I am crazy, spending so much time in the gym 5-6 days a week lifting, and 3-5 days doing cardio. Yes this means some days I am lifting and doing cardio.  There are some days I ask myself…”What are you doing?” The answer is always the same…”I have a goal, everyone knows what it is, so you just best get to it”. Anyway I have people who have already made plans to be at the competition and I hate to let people down.

So here is where I started as of Aug 1:

Height: 5″1′

Weight: 118 lbs

Body Fat: 26% – This is what I mean by skinny fat. I was mortified to see this number. I am a size 4 how can I be that fat?

Doesn't look so bad right?

Here we are today 10/24/2010:

Height: 5″1′ – I keep working on this but it just stays the same.

Weight: 121 lbs

Body Fat: 21% – This number still bothers me, but it is going down. I am really focusing on building size now.

Hey, look at that waist, and I'm seeing a centerline!

This side by side comparison really show the progress I am making. Look my butt is almost off my legs…that will be a true milestone!

5 months till my first competition…grow baby grow.

Stay tuned for more updates, I am going to try and document the entire journey, from skinny fat to rock hard, here we go!

  1. michelle says:

    Wow this is awesome. Donloree also inspired me too, I am doing my first show in March! Great progress already!!!!

  2. Peggy Dougherty says:

    That’s my girl. Way to go baby.

  3. Mom Heim says:

    You look awesome! Now, how am I going to handle the March competition when guys ogle you? I guess I will have to bring a bath towel along to cover you and then I will have to lecture the oglers!!! Okay, I think I really mean it. Love you…

  4. Mom Heim says:

    the boys also look awesome…

  5. Lisa says:

    You look fantastic! I can totally see a difference, your hard work certainly does show! I’m the same as you, about 5’1″ 1/2 and right now I’m at 116. My competition weight was about 106. I knew I’d gain back some weight, but I didn’t want to go over about 113. I have some work to do now too, thank you for inspiring me!!

    • 4amaven says:

      Thanks Lisa, Since March is my first Comp not sure where my weight is going to come in. My original weight was 123, and I got down to 114 but body fat was high. I am slowly trying to build bigger before I start cutting. I really don’t want to lose to much of my hard earned size. I guess time will tell.

  6. Dad Duke says:

    Wow! You should be proud of your accomplishments!

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